Essential Oils


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile (easily evaporated, unlike vegetable oil) liquids that are distilled from plants, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, roots, bushes and more. If they are distilled correctly and with great care, they will carry the medicinal properties of the plant. So, instead of rubbing our bodies with actual plants for healing, like they did in the olden days, we can now use essential oils for healing. 

RECAP: Essential oils are plant oils, used for healing, skin care, emotional support, brain health, digestive health, and so so much more!


How do we use essential oils in our everyday life?

There are 3 basic ways to use essential oils: applying them topically, diffusing them in the air, and ingesting them with drink or food.

There are a ton of different ways to utilize these 3 methods and if you check our Instagram page or our blog page, we give some examples! But to summarize:

Topical application is just that, applying the essential oil neat (by itself) or diluted with a carrier oil (such as olive oil or almond oil) to your skin. You always want to dilute when trying a new oil for the first time, just to see how sensitive your skin is. There are oils that are considered "hot" which means they can cause skin sensitivity if they are diluted. You know how oregano has a really strong flavor? Well Oregano essential oil is pretty potent, and you always want to dilute it when applying it topically, trust me! 

Diffusing essential oils into the air with an essential oil diffuser is a wonderful way to use essential oils. Something happens when we SMELL essential oils, something great! Smelling essential oils causes the oil molecules to directly affect our limbic system, which houses and controls our emotions. So direct inhalation of essential oils is amazing for emotion support and a great way to fill your house with the beautiful aroma of essential oils. You can quickly fill your living room Orange essential oil and bring about a happy, joyful aroma. Orange is great for supporting happy emotions and combating depression. 

Ingesting essential oils with food or water can be done a few ways. You can add a few drops of your desired essential oil in a clear vegetable capsule and drink it down, or you can add a few drops of essential oil to your food while cooking. Another great way is to check out Young Living's essential oil infused supplements! You can also look at Young Living's Vitality line to see the suggested oils for ingestion. 


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