Essential Rewards

If you are looking to better your health + home with Young Living, you are going to want to take part in Essential Rewards!! Here’s why!


What is ER?

ER stands for Essential Rewards and it is Young Living’s reward program for its members. Its rewards are AMAZING! 

Joining ER means that you order your YL products each month of at least 50pv (or $50). Each month you can update all of the specific details like order processing date, different products you’d like to try, how fast your order is shipped, etc. 

ER is extremely flexible and can be cancelled at anytime, without complications or repercussions! (Thank God!)

So many members “join” or sign up for Essential Rewards because of those rewards! The benefits are truly generous, so let’s discuss them! 



ER Points and Percentages %

One of the biggest perks of ER are the points back you get after each purchase. These are given freely by Young Living and they are like “cash” that you can use towards product. So this is one way to receive FREE oils + products with Essential Rewards. We’ll show you later how to redeem those points to order what you’d like! 

The way your points are calculated are by the months you have been enrolled and using Essential Rewards. For the first 1-3 months you get 10% of the amount you ordered back in points or “store credit.”  

So if you ordered 150pv (pv = personal volume, something YL does) worth of oils + products (about $150), you would get back 15 points or $15. That’s a free bottle of 

Essential Rewards
  • Thieves Mouthwash

  • Thieves Dishsoap

  • ANY of the bar soaps or foaming hand soaps

  • A few Savvy Minerals products

  • Multiple 15ml Single oils

And the list goes on…!!!!!

And if you ordered that 150pv on your 4-24 months at 20% you’d get back 30 points or $30…

and your 25th month and on at 25% you’d get back $37.50. FOR FREE! 



Promos + Levels

Another perk and another way to receive free oils + product are the monthly Essential Rewards product promotions (like we haven’t already received enough free!). To get these said free oils we have to meet certain PV LEVELS with our orders. These are:

Essential Rewards
  • 100pv

  • 190pv

  • 250pv

  • 300pv

  • And sometimes 400pv

If you hit one of these levels with your order, you get free stuff! You can also hit these levels with a Quick Order and get free product, but only at 190 and above. 

This month we’ve been gifted the chance at a big gorgeous bottle of Frank + Gary’s book! Now, that’s a gift when I’m already ordering all the oily goodness for my home anyways…. Target don’t pay me in Frank!! Shame on you Target. 


Loyalty Gifts


ANOTHER way we receive FREE with Essential Rewards are by the generous Loyalty gifts YL gives us for using ER. And once you hit that 12 month mark, you get a free bottle of the specially crafted Loyalty blend. SWOON. You can’t order this or get it anywhere else. And, you continue to receive this special blend for every 12 months you stay on ER. Magical. 




Another perk besides #allthefree and better shipping, are the exclusive Essential Rewards Kits available to us!

These aren’t sold outside of Essential Rewards and they are perfect for stock ups, or lifestyle resets. We have 3 ER kits:

  • Everyday Oils Kit

  • Thieves Kit

  • Ningxia Kit

Check out the graphic for the details on the products included in each kit. 

The Thieves kit is perfect for ditching & switching out your cleaning products, while the Everyday Oils kit is great once you’ve run out or getting low on foundational starter kit oils. And the Ningxia kit will do WONDERS for a consistent overall health boost, especially if you are dealign with specific health concerns. 

The Ningxia Kit contains alllll the Ningxia!! It’s an amazing start for those wanting to reboot and give your brain + body sustainable, mind boggling good nutrients on a CONSISTENT basis. Because some cells take time to regenerate and reproduce, it’s extremely important that we take the time to be consistent with a new health regime and let it support our bodies changing for the better. This is YOUR KIT!

And last but not least, the Everyday Oils Kit! Here’s what it contains:

All 5ml bottles 

  • Frankincense 

  • Lemon Vitality

  • Lavender

  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

  • Peppermint Vitality

  • Joy

  • Purification

  • PanAway

  • Thieves Vitality

  • Stress Away

  • 6 pack of AromaGlideTM Roller Fitments

Great for restocking your favorite oils!!



ER 3 Monthly Suggestions

Not sure what to get when ordering through ER? Here is a suggestion for your first 3 months:

#1 - Thieves ER Kit $118.50 (118.50pv) 11.85 points back @ 10%

If you are ditching and switching your products, start with your KITCHEN! Going room by room makes it easier to swap out the gazillion products we use in our home, and the cleaning products can be some of the worst! So grab that Thieves ER Kit and your $11.85 in points and your 100pv level free monthly promotions and get your ER started!

#2 - Art Skin Care System $113.00 (113pv) 11.30 points back @ 10%

The second room of care is definitely your bathroom!! Ladies, we put on more than 80 chemicals every morning as we get ready. In my own research, I found more carcinogens in our cosmetic products than our cleaning products! What?! Start taking care of your skin with the Art Skin Care system! What we rub on our skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Let’s make sure it’s something healthy for us. 

#3 - Ningxia Red + Nitro $112.75 (112.75pv) 11.3 points back @ 10%

Mom energy boost for dayssss! Drop the red bull and that second cup of coffee. As much as I love some sweet + creamy coffee, it shouldn’t be the sole push of energy throughout my day. My Ningxia is!!! I drink one every morning, and I try to make it before that first cup of joe. AND we also have Ningxia Nitro! It’s a naturally occurring caffeine boost. I love to squeeze it in a cup of Ningxia Red + Ningxia Zyng. Delicious. 



PV Assistant

Let’s talk about PV Assistant, what it is and how it helps us. 

RECAP: PV stands for Personal Volume. It’s Young Living’s tracking system. All you need to know is that most of the time it is equal to every dollar. 50pv = $50. Just be sure to check! Some items differ.

Sometimes, things go out of stock. And even though with Essential Rewards we have priority ordering, items just aren’t there to ship. With PV assistant, we can choose certain items for “standby,” so that we make sure we meet the PV level we desire. 

For example, say I want to always make the 100pv. And the night before my order processes, Thieves hand sanitizer goes OOS. I don’t check it and my order processes. I’ve lost my reward points and my free monthly promos by not hitting that 100pv level mark. 

With PV assistant, the system will automatically add items that YOU CHOOSE to your order so that you meet your desired PV level. Check the graphic for instructions on getting this set up in your Virtual Office!

Essential Rewards


How to Redeem


OKAY! Here’s to one of the fun parts… REDEEMING THOSE POINTS! How do you do it?

Check out the graphic below for specific details on how to redeem your free ER points and get some FREE product in your homes! 

Remember: only items with BLUE FLAGS are available for redeemed points!

Essential Rewards


ER How to Get Started

There are still a few of you in here who are not signed up yet for this amazing rewards program, so here’s how you do it!

  • Got to & Click sign in (upper right corner).

  • Log in with your username & password.

  • Click Essential Rewards on the menu on the left side of the screen. 

  • Click the “Join Now” button.

  • From the Product Catalog, add at least 50pv of products to your Essential Rewards cart & click the “Save Monthly Order” button.

  • Click “Change Processing Day” to choose your shipping day.

  • Click “Select Shipping Address” to choose your correct address.

  • Select preferred delivery method.

  • Click next step & verify your order.



Free Shipping with YL Go and YL Go +

I can’t finish telling you about Essential Rewards without telling you how to get your shipping for free….

Ever heard of Amazon Prime? Yea that free 2-day shipping program with Amazon, the one that keeps packages at your door with amazingly good stuff? LOL

We have one too! It’s called YL Go! You pay your yearly fee, just like Amazon Prime (though ours is cheeper!), and you get that free 2-3 day shipping on 12 Essential Rewards orders!!!!!

Want that same free shipping on 24 Quick Orders? Sign up for YL Go+!!!

Who’s already signed up for this goodness??

Essential Rewards