3 Reasons why your essential oils aren't working

3 reasons why your essential oils aren't working

3 reasons why you aren’t seeing your oils work


Essential oils are not medicine. They have been given the name “natural medicine” but as far as our modern definition of medicine goes, they are not. One thing that was hard from me and for so many other people at first is breaking the habit of treating essential oils like modern medicine. 

We get sick, we go to the doctor, we are prescribed “medicine” we take it for a specific amount of time and then we stop. 

Essential oils are a lifestyle. They are the equivalent to fruits and vegetables. Heck, some are! We have Carrot essential oil, Lemon EO, Basil, etc. Essential oils are a way of supplying our bodies with what it needs to function properly. Modern medicine is a way of treating or trying to fix a symptom of an underlying cause.


Coughing - body trying to rid itself of foreign organism/bacteria

Fever - body trying to kill off unwanted or dangerous microorganisms with high temperature

Runny nose - body using mucus to drain the nasal passages of bad or unwanted bacteria

The list goes on…

Essential oils provide our body with weapons, tools, + more power, to rid the body or protect it from the bad stuff; yeast, parasites, bad bacteria overgrowth in the gut or other areas of the body, viruses, etc. 

And with the use of essential oils, the time spent coughing, and having a fever, or the body doing its job in other ways, is lowered tremendously. 

Essential oils are to be used consistently. Daily. And if there is a big issue that you are dealing with, several times a day. I see so many people use essential oils like a one time band-aid and wonder why they aren’t working. 

Our bodies are rapidly changing, in an exponential degree, and essential oils are metabolized every 1-3 hours. So, consistent use over time is your way to go. A lot of our body’s cell don’t regenerate for weeks, months, or years. So using essential oils + oil infused products for shorter periods will not bring about desired results.

Consistency + persistence is key!

You are treating the symptom and forgetting to help the underlying cause

Itchy, rough, dry skin… well let’s make some Lavender + Frankincense cream and put that on there! That’s a great idea actually! 

BUT don’t forget to research why you have that itchy, dry skin in the first place (low iron is a cause of dry skin, but not the only cause). It’s one thing if you’ve traveled up north and your body isn’t used to the dryer climate, but it’s another if your skin is trying to tell you something is off balance internally. That’s what symptoms are. They are warning signs and signals to let us know that something isn’t quite right. Headache? Maybe it’s dehydration, or maybe your thyroid isn’t working and your hormones are off balance, causing hormonal migraines (this was me!). 

3 reasons why your essential oils aren't working

THIS is why it’s SO beneficial to have a great resource guide, or to be plugged into a good community that helps answer questions and provide education. It’s our responsibility to take care of our bodies. BUT I know that we aren’t all experts in anatomy and physiology (my favorite class in college!). And to balance that out, companies like Life Science Publishing and Abundant Health 4 U have created the perfect guides for us as busy moms + wives + entrepreneurs + students with all the right information at our finger tips. 

If you are serious about giving this amazing, natural lifestyle a chance, you need to dig a little deeper and reveal the true cause to your symptoms. 

**Once I tried Ylang Ylang for my headaches, which is a wonderful oil that helps to balance hormones, and it worked almost immediately, I knew my hormones needed some help. I Googled what produces our hormones, what affects our hormones, anything that had to do with hormones not working correctly, I checked our reference guides, and I deduced I needed to support my thyroid better. So now I take Thyromin, a YL supplement, every night and I am migraine free!!

You are looking at someone else’s situation and treating it the same as your own

Another reason why modern medicine, “let’s give everyone the same band-aid (antibiotics, a z-pack, etc.)” approach doesn’t work. 

You are different than anyone else, ever your sibling, even your twin! Your body and your mind are not the same as the next person, and we know from research that even our thoughts + emotions have significant effects on our physical body, dating back from conception. Thoughts are stored, physically in our body’s cells, DNA, tissue, everything! And we don’t think the same as another. So, it’s safe to say, that even though one particular method, or oil, or supplement, may work the same for you as it did another, that doesn’t mean they all will.

This is why the reference guide lists SEVERAL options to each and every issue it has information on. Maybe you’ve tried a specific oil or supplement for your concerns but haven’t moved on to another. Maybe that one didn’t work for you and you’re afraid to try something else. 

FRIEND, keep trying! There is an oil for that! We just have to figure out which one works perfectly for you. This has been shown all throughout the Young Living community. People say that Lavender or Tranquil really calms them down, but others say they have more energy when using these oils. 

Modern medicine doesn’t deny this either. Take Benadryl. It puts me to sleep, but it gives my son the crazies!!

Recap… keep trying friend. Just because that one oil didn’t work, doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Keep exploring!