Why would anyone want essential oils?

Why would anyone want essential oils?

Young Living essential oils

I had two questions before I hit the purchase button on my oils kit:

Why are they so expensive?

Are these going to work for me?

I found these answers after I purchased. And here’s what I found…

Young Living costs what they costs because they are THE BEST essential oils on the planet. Gary Young chose network marketing as the business model for Young Living so that someone would have to SHOW you what Lavender can do for you before they bought it (that’s why we like our oily classes).

He couldn’t bring himself to put his $23 bottle of Lavender EO next to the $6 bottle on the shelf and not having us know WHY. Young Living doesn’t craft its oils for profit but for purpose. And only the people that actually use them can testify. 

They aren’t filled with synthetics or cut to make more for profit. You are getting the actually life blood of the lavender plant in a Young Living Lavender essential oil. They have a Seed to Seal quality control plan that I’ve seen with my own eyes at their distillery. They spray other pure oils on their crops so as to not use pesticides. It’s amazing. And, like many others, I tried store bought oils, and saw no results. So it led me to my next question, 

will Young Living oils work for me?

I kept thinking, how are these oils any different. How and why would Young Living essential oils work for me when the other kind didn’t? Again, this couldn’t have been answered before I got them. I know now through my research that our bodies react so perfectly and are supported so wonderfully by what is natural. That’s why it’s called natural. It comes easy. No hard work. But the first question kind of answers the second. Young Living’s work so beautifully because they are pure, so you’re basically getting the plant. And we know from science that plants carry medicinal properties. 

Young Living essential oils

Why did I end up purchasing? Because I was a desperate mama. My son needed something good for his body, which I instinctively knew was out there. I couldn’t get to the answer of my migraines or allergies and a host of other little, seemingly unimportant problems. So I dove. I thought, what do I have to lose? $160? That was nothing compared to the confusion and frustration I had been going through. I have tried everything else and my son’s health depended on it (his body would horribly reject every antibiotic we gave him). 

What’s funny is that months before, I had been given samples of Young Living from a distant friend. I “tried” them for my allergies and I didn’t see any changes. And by tried I mean I put some Lemon EO in my tea and rubbed Peppermint on my chest. Loved how they smelled and tasted but didn’t clear up the allergies. Some people have seasonal issues and some have deep seated problems and the outcome are allergies. My eyes have been opened up to a world of knowledge about my body through Young Living and I’m forever grateful. I now use several methods including oils and Young Living’s oil infused supplements to support my sinuses. So let that be encouragement to others who have “tried oils” and they didn’t seem to work. You can’t eat some broccoli and expect to have a healthy outcome. You have to make it a lifestyle. 

Essential oils support EVERY system of your body! They support areas in which you deal with mental clarity, emotional balance, focus and hyperactivity, muscles, bones and joints, skin, gut health, sleep, pregnancy, aging, cell regeneration, eye health, everything! They have no side effects, and boost your mood. I’m going to say that’s a win win. We have tons of resources backed by ACTUAL SCIENCE, not just what the news puts out there, that support of all this. And we provide constant education from our other members. It truly is the best starting place for a better life in every area. I hope one day you’ll take that leap of faith, because I know with the right tools, you won’t be disappointed.