Taking Joy

Taking Joy

I’m on my lunch break I lay down for a nap and suddenly my nose opens up. Both nostrils. Ya’ll. This is a BIG DEAL. I do not exaggerate when I say it’s been years since I’ve been able to breathe out of my nose correctly for longer than a few seconds. I am so exhausted from the nights tossing and turning and trying to sleep at all with my mouth open. Those are the bad nights. And since I’m not jumping up and down and screaming physically, as I lay down for this nap, I am SO jumping up and down in my head, letting my body rest, praising God for fresh, new breathe. 

Amazing what you take for granted until it’s gone.

So I’m in my head, over and over, I’m shouting, “thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!” Completely elated and full of freedom and joy, over breathing right lol and the Holy Spirit speaks… He says, this is the feeling you should have before its happened. Revelation hits. 

I have been going through this journey of visualizing myself presently in my future. Feeling the feelings of all that He has promised, feeling that now. Like it’s already happened. And I’ve felt a little stuck in doing so. In really feeling those feelings. And I think the Lord gave me something to work with. Something you can use as well. That immense gratitude you have over something you’ve been waiting for.. you now that beautiful joy that can’t be ruined, have you ever had that feeling? Now take that and feel that over something you are praying about. Feel yourself receive it. What does it feel like? Pure joy, freedom, more gratitude? This is having joy in the midst of struggle and trials and tribulation (James 1:2). 

This is receiving freedom before it’s happened. And this is what God wants you to feel daily. Free. No matter your current, physical situation. I am so excited to apply this to all that I’ve been praying for, and I hope you do too, friend. Grab some scripture and put yourself in it. Feel it now.