Using Oils in the Bedroom

Using essential oils in the bedroom

Ladies, I'm letting you in on the secret that using essential oils in the bedroom, will change everything!

This past Friday, me and a few members in our essential oil community came together and had our very first make and take with essential oils in the bedroom. 

We laughed and giggled and snickered and talked about soldiers and love buttons and hormones and blood flow and we made love potions and edible lubes and we had so much fun! It's refreshing to get together with women and chat about intimate things, allowing you to open up and discover and explore, in trust and confidence. The sharing and building up of others is such a blessing in itself. We take from each other's experience and give a little of ourselves. It grows you. 

We love our gatherings and we want to share them with the world, with you.

Lucy Libido - Using essential oils in the bedroom

Friend, did you know that essential oils are not only amazing for your health (check out the health benefits here), but they can enhance your experience with your significant other?! YES! We grabbed this book Lucy Libido says.. there's an oil for that! and we learned the ins and outs for using oils in the bedroom. We learned that Cypress is helpful in supporting blood flow, and blood flow is important for certain sexual activities to occur! We learned that Clary Sage helps to support a natural lubrication in ourselves, and this helps with painful dryness that can happen with age. We learned that smells certain oils can get past our "thinking brain" and flow straight to our "thinking brain" or our limbic system, supporting our emotions. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! And we learned that we can support our normal hormonal function and libido with essential oils.

Ladies, grab that book and get to learning and doing!

Here are 2 of the recipes we grabbed from the back of the book and made at our make and take! ENJOY!


Inner Thigh Potion:

10ml roller ball (I got ours here)

20 drops Sensation essential oil blend

10 drops Cypress

4 drops Orange 

fill remainder of bottle with grape seed oil (or another carrier oil you like)

Using essential oils in the bedroom

Roll inner thigh potion on inner thigh all the way up to the panty crease for increase blood flow and circulation and sensation! He'll love the way you smell!

Love Button Edible Lube

1 oz glass pump bottle (I got ours here)

3 tsp solidified coconut oil

1/4 tsp beeswax (grab some beeswax pellets here)

3 tsp grape seed oil

4-5 Peppermint Vitality 

10 drops Grapefruit Vitality

3 drops Orange Vitality

Melt beeswax and coconut oil together in a double broiler (I use a glass bowl onto of a pot with water). When melted add the grapeseed oil and pour quickly into the glass pump bottle. Add in the essential oils and you're all done! 


Using essential oils in the bedroom

Friends, I hope you enjoy your recipes and please leave a comment and tell us what you think!